The Wedding Singer

The Wedding Singer

It’s a mystical moment, when two people’s live’s officially unite, it is one of the most important days of their lives!

The ceremony is the sentimental memento that will be embedded in two souls’s hearts forever. The wedding reception is the celebration of the union of two souls and must equal the magic and romance that lingers after their vows have been witnessed.

Its equally important to sustain the magic and bring it into the heart of the reception and thats why music and entertainment should reflect the kaleidoscope of moods and energy that are present at a wedding reception.

Not only can I perform the music but I DJ as well to combine the best of live and DJ at your wedding reception with my ability to decorate the room with an appealing array of musical colours

“The wedding singer” catchphrase has often been used to refer to me when people discuss “that guy” who performed at so and so’s wedding.

What exactly is “that guy” doing, when he transforms the room into a burst of fun and energy as the wedding atmosphere climbs to heights that even the guests who usually sit and enjoy the culinary experience find themselves dancing and letting their inner selves loose and celebrate the true spirit of the day’s magic.

Its simple. I take the guests into my realm of experience and compound their energy infinitely to ignite their musical memories that lie dormant and escape onto the dance floor infectiously capturing the room into a party zone.

I like to work closely with the organiser and the couple, meeting with them, so on the day I can translate their hours of preparation into a well oiled function machine. I understand we have one chance and only one chance to make this a success and I make sure that happens!


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