Barmis and Battis

Barmis and Battis

So you’ve completed months and months of preparation for your Bar or Batmitzvah, and all you wanna do is just have a big party?

So lets check out what I can do to make your celebration a Party of note!

I play music for a living, so I have access to the latest and best music thats around, I have played at hundreds of Bar and Batmitzvahs and I am comfortable entertaining guys from young to old I work with the families involved and together we choose the favourite choice of songs that will make the party personal and enough musical tastes to satisfy all the guests from the different age groups.

I am also able to provide a “live” interactive set of Jewish music for the traditional part of the celebrations.

I actively help lead the function, so that the MC can also relax and enjoy themselves and I will help to keep the function tight and on schedule, so that the family celebrating with their child can enjoy the celebrations too.

I am happy to combine my services with Cape town’s best DJ providers, to bring my abilities and their’s into a whirlwind of a supercharged function.

I have access to great lighting providers and can source great lighting effects to enhance the function into a lighting extravaganza if my client’s budget allows.

The design of the function must equate to the personality of the child celebrating and thats why its important for me to meet with the family and together we make it a memorable event!

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