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One simply cannot describe Gabriel Shai in one word for being DJ and entertainer at the same time. Better than the best is all I can say for any age group between 14 and 100.

No matter how big or small the audience or whether he might be tired from the previous night’s performance, Gabriel immediately has his smile and voice to grasp your attention from the word “go”. If the thought of boredom passed your mind, then think again because when the clock strikes 12 you would have been able to carry on for another 12 hours at least.

The most precious gift about Gabriel is that he can immediately sense his audience’s moods and feelings and if you attend one of his functions / events and walk in with a heavy heart and sole, well then I can guarantee you that he will make you feel rejuvenate and feeling human and alive again in such way that you would just like more and more.

When organizing any party, wedding or corporate function and taking in consideration the amount of hours and preparation you have put into it and your DJ is not Gabriel Shai …….. Well think again as he is better than what you could imagine and dream for.

Thanks Gabriel for making our function such a success! You are “SIMPLY THE BEST!!”

All the best for being such a stunning performer, DJ and entertainer.

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