About me

What if you could find someone who can sing, entertain and DJ and MC all rolled in to ONE? That person is me, I can sing and play music from the 50’s,60’s,80’s,90’s,00’s right up to today’s current hits. I am born to do what I do. I love what I do and I have a passion to get it right every time! I am able to perform from styles ranging from Michael Buble, to Black eyed peas and a whole lot of tricks and surprises up my sleeve. I use music for fun and entertainment to make sure I cater for all tastes.

My name is Gabriel and I have been an entertainer/musician professionally since 1991 and people know me as Gabriel Shai. My services include Weddings, Barmis and Battis, Parties, Corporate Events, entertainment for Pubs and Restaurants.

I am based in Cape Town, but I am lucky enough to travel and entertain in any part of South Africa, and the rest of the world.

My brand is a one man band, my objective is to take every event and change the dynamics from normality to insanity. I do this by using the under current of the event’s inner rhythm and transform this energy into an explosive party atmosphere.

My party tools are a combination of my versatile voice which changes with the character of the songs I perform, my keyboard and backing tracks enhancing the production of the songs I perform,I am quick minded and this translates to the spontaneous entertaining individual attention I use to connect to the people absorbed in this party vacuum that myself and the guests have jointly created.

I am also able to expand my options with the addition of a female vocalist who enhances the musical selection boosting the party into even greater heights. I take pride in my ability to perform 4 hours straight without a break and always place the function’s success as my first priority. I am able to add to my services by playing DJ standard commercial tracks to accommodate the red bulled party bunnies who like to party till the end!